Monday, October 13, 2008

Battle of Hulao

The Battle of Hulao of 28 May 621, located just east of Luoyang, was a decisive victory for , through which he was able to subdue two warlords, Dou Jiande and Wang Shichong. Li Shimin led a siege on the city of Luoyang, head of the self-declared emperor Wang Shichong, who solicited help from Dou Jiande from the east. However, Dou Jiande delayed and when he finally arrived, Li Shimin brought forces to meet the new threat. Li Shimin's army avoided conflict until the troops of Dou Jiande were exhausted and then led a cavalry charge, effectively capturing Dou Jiande. Afterwards, Wang Shichong, seeing no other choice, surrendered Luoyang. Dou Jiande was later executed, resulting in some of his followers, led by Liu Heita, raising an unsuccessful rebellion against Tang.

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